Dear WordPress Readers,

For two years I have been spewing my thoughts about how I hate my job; eventually, it evolved into making light of some situations, and doing a deeper dive into other areas challenging my worldview.

Things have changed.

My life has taken a different direction and in this phase, the almighty Corporate America no longer has a foothold in my life. The hum drum tedium of the rat race will not change, and for that reason, I have chosen to disconnect from the delusion of tasting the corporate cheese and walk my own path. What that is, I am still finding that out, but at least by not managing this blog I will be able to read up on my fellow bloggers’ writing and continue to write on topics that burn a fire within me.

I started following the blogs I am currently connected to and will either show up as “straitupword” or “Lady Dunamis.” To the Lite Rider, I had trouble finding your wordpress address.

The blog will go sunset on 4/24/2015

For those who took the time to read my writings, thank you and fare thee well.


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I am so done with human beings who sit their plush arses on ergonomic chairs and hide behind an email and makeshift cubicle pretending to be a professional.

Don’t email me with some fake scare tactic email after you let the phone ring seven times and don’t have the courtesy to let it go to voice mail. Of course when I put your stank ba’hind in check, now you apologize and assure me you are going to fix the problem your lazy *$$  created.

Piece of garbage. Do us all a favor and disappear. The world will go on without you.


Lady Cheetah (wink)

Need or greed? That is the question.

Usually, I like to steer clear of controversial topics; however, I find that this one leaves me unsettled to the point I must blog about it.

It should be no secret that Pastor Creflo Dollar of World Changers Ministries has asked his congregation to provide an offering of $300 or more towards the purchase of a Gulfstream G650 jet. ( There have been parties who oppose the idea while others support it. Here are my thoughts.

  1. The church (Body of Christ) are not “executors of estate” or a Ponzi Scheme for a pastor’s luxury item. We are called to exercise proper stewardship. That entails ensuring that your needs and that of your household are taken cared of FIRST. Paul gave Timothy various instructions and he stated, “…if any provide not for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel

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Actually, it is quite simple.

Bathroom Funny Pic

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Tell me if this statement sounds familiar: If I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently.

Sure we all have said that once we have experienced the consequences of our past actions, but believing we would do things differently is a false assumption and here is why. Unless, you are keenly aware and spiritually sensitive to your current actions, employing some kind of spiritual kaizen to improve your ways, at best you are repeating yesterday’s agenda.

Most people will not take the high road and make the necessary changes in their lives because, quite frankly, it is hard work. It is painful to employ analytic thinking only to discover your thoughts are dripping with unchallenged prejudices. It is disturbing and uncomfortable to live with the collateral damage of decisions made twenty years ago. We get easily sidetracked by peer pressure, the cares of this life, the lust to compete with people we do not know in order to impress people we could care less about.

What’s equally disturbing is that some of us are so far removed from the decisions we make that we are numb to its immediate effects and blind to the long-term collateral damage. I know this to be true because my “if” became my “then” and slapped me into an awakening. By one admission, and I will be the big girl and say, it was voluntary, I set things in motion of which I had no control over. Not only the result of the decision, but the subsequent events that came afterwards.

I know what it feels like to live in a perpetual merry-go-round and hoping it would stop, but there is one thing I have learned, in order to stop the dejavu you have to bite the bullet and end the cycle yourself. Crying about what I did doesn’t help and hoping that some magical white knight will come and rescue me will never happen. Not to mention learned helplessness is very unattractive. No one likes to be around someone whom they perceive to be needy and at the mercy of the universe.

So I clip and cut. This time I take many pauses and determine that whatever I do, to ensure I have sufficient to see it through.

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I couldn’t help it. I had to do it. This couldn’t wait but I promise to give you “deep” tomorrow.

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Greetings WP’ers!

I thought it needful and most excellent to start the year with something thought provoking, deep, profound, almost mind blowing but what is the fun in that? Well, not this post. That time will come.

As such I will be changing my schedule, AGAIN, to make room for other things. My blogging schedule is changed to the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. If I am overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of life, it will be once a month. Last resort will until the subscription runs out.

Alright, enough with the serious stuff, let’s get to the important things that matter.

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Greetings LICJ Subscribers!

I will be taking a blogging break beginning 12/30/2014 and ending 1/13/2015.

Happy Holidays!

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Dearest PVJ

I couldn’t find those knitted shorts that I gifted to you last year. I was extremely disappointed. Yet, I thought to myself “how could I only give him shorts? How selfish of me.” Well, this time and being that it is the winter season and all, you need a full blown outfit to wear.

Don’t thank me. The smile that will come upon your face is all that I need.







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What can I get you for Christmas?

I didn’t know you were so talented?

Hey, why the celebration?

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