I Am and You Are Not

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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Hateration (hay-tur-ra-shun) The inordinate, overinflated of self worth deflected upon innocent bystanders of one’s excessive and high levels of acidic envy, strife, and jealousy of your accomplishments.

It is epidemic. It is contagion. It is called hateration. Something we cannot avoid but can mitigate its lethal effects. As I was standing over the kitchen sink this morning I was thinking about some of the things I would like to pursue, and then it was apparent to me that I had been bamboozled by the seductive voice of deceit. Infuriated I thought how could I have allowed myself to be deceived and why did I listen to the critics from the Peanut Gallery? Perhaps it was my own insecurities or not realizing and honing my personal potential. Was it my less than desirable environmental conditions? The Man? The Government? Excessive leisure time spent in front the one-eyed monster? Take your pick. The excuses are endless but one thing is certain, no one can stop you from doing anything you want to do.

In this epic quest of self discovery I have come to encounter more doubt, opposition, and ridicule when I start talking about my dreams and what I will do to bring them into fruition. Truly, it must have been divine. It was as if I experienced an epiphany that these self inflated, superficial wonderful goobers were really projecting their OWN personal insecurities. It had nothing to do with ME, but everything about how they perceived their own reality.

I would like to have a Dr. Phil moment: How is that working for you?

Apparently it is not working for you my friend. If it were, then I would not have to be held hostage to your melancholy, woeful sonnet about the abysmality (I so made that word up) of your reality.

If there is any consolation to you, I am not the standard. Yet, should you be persuaded to believe so, I choose not to challenge your perception which is your distorted reality. I choose to be and because of this I AM. So, Lady Cheetah what is the mitigating influences to shield me from the members of HATERATION INC? It is the opposing forces that emanates from their souls that actually propels you forward and provides the momentum you need to make things happen in your life.

So where does that leave us? Do we shake hands, walk away, and be friends or do I intend to exalt myself as your ongoing confidant, counselor, and ego masseuse to fully persuade you against your will. I prefer the former, but here is the revelation. If I were not, then you would not do. However, because I AM you see yourself as NOT.


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