Naked Emperor

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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Will someone please tell the Emper-ah he has no clothes on!?

I see the emperor all time in various parts of the jungle exposing himself as if it is legalized pornography and the reactions are horrendous ranging from sheer horror to excessive vomiting. Upon entering the scene the atmosphere transformed by his perfumed arrogance is on the level of an atomic fart bomb. Those associated or more poignantly subjugated to the effervescent terror are not shielded. Some recoil in fear, others bow the knee and kiss the graven emperor image, and the smart ones run for their life.

With feline finesse and swagger I gallivant up and down the landscape observing the emperor’s ways. He struts in delusional glory, purports himself an intellectual superior, and if I did not know any better, I would say he is borderline omnipotent. In spite of his masquerade, I know his dirty little secret. You see, there were two evil geniuses who persuaded this self-righteous idiot that they could make him an invisible outfit and only the poor and ignorant bystanders would be unable to detect his new coat of armor. I am impressed. Not because of the fashion concept, rather the executed duplicity in selling him on the idea. These dudes deserve a standing ovation.

We know that one of the laws of the jungle is every man for himself. Simply put survival of the fittest, yet I am not implying that you compromise your integrity, self-worth, and honor in preserving your soul. If escaping shows you up as the sore thumb, then we must resort to being agile. Our continued existence depends upon three things: stealth, speed, and environmental flexibility. These three things the emperor does not have.

For one, we need stealth or the ability to move secretly without being detected. The Naked Emperor cannot do this because everything about him must be a Macy’s Parade. It is to your advantage to always and at the opportune moment navigate about without leaving a scent or trail. Second, living in the jungle requires speed and the best of us acquire it over time. Without rapid momentum and the capability to keep up, we will soon be ensnared. The Naked Emperor has one problem: the size of his head does not allow him the swiftness needed to run when danger is ahead so he eventually becomes destroyed by his own sense of greatness, only it is in his head. Lastly, our greatest weapon is environmental flexibility. The vicissitudes of life force us to adapt and we must if we want to secure long term survival. Similarly the entitled rodent in “Who Moved My Cheese” refused to adjust because his cheese was gone. Likewise it is so with the Naked Emperor. The prideful disposition that leveraged him this false sense of power is the same that will lead him to his inevitable demise. When the circumstance and environment changes, he will unwaveringly demand that things should return as they once were. The only thing is, it never was what he thought he believed it to be.

So, once again I ask will you please tell the emperor he has no clothes on.

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