Quiet Time

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Rat Race
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Life is going to be quiet in the concrete jungle today because I will be working from home. That limits my exposure to the hustle and bustle of the wild. No drama. Only order and peace. Just the way I like it.

Surprisingly I was up at 4:47 JT (Jungle Time) and ready to go. Think it is because my body “knew” it did not have to deal with all the jungle madness awaiting the day. Of course I will not be using the company laptop to surf the World Wide Web doing important things such as checking my bank balances, searching Wikipedia for miscellaneous information, streaming into CNN to catch up with the latest in the news or ordering lunch from Jason’s Deli. Rather, I can switch rooms and hop on to my notebook without Big Brother eyeing me suspiciously wondering what I am doing, even if I am on a legitimate 15 minute unpaid break.

It feels like a weight has come off of my shoulders, better yet, I am no longer enshrouded by the presence of evil. Ah, now that is refreshing.

I do have a conference call today and other than sharing it with dumpster dog it should be okay. The beautiful thing is I do not have to look at, smell, or listen to his incessant barking of parental abandonment or witness his ongoing need to prove himself worthy.

It is good to be free.

  1. Quiet time is always nice! Enjoy! 🙂

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