That which was our present has now become our past and we cannot recover time lost, opportunities wasted, or undo mistakes. We can never over emphasize how time waits for no man and there is no physical hand to extend to manipulate it. We, not the universe or our fellow man must take the initiative to set things in motion that would cause us to move forward and not backward.

What is it about this thing called yesterday that is so appealing to the mind? The heart? The soul? The good things that happen we want to relive again. The bad circumstances that take center stage we desire to change as quickly as possible. Why it is that a bad yesterday becomes our future which is tomorrow and when we get there it is that thing called today.

Tick…tick…tick….tick….tick. It is never coming back.
Déjà vu. Tick…tick…tick…tick. Something to be learned.

What do we need to know about yesterday that helps us to better deal with tomorrow? Maybe it is perspective, judgment, or the power to live in the present. Not the moment, the present. You know how it is. Someone is talking to you and desiring your attention when you would rather be elsewhere, so you take a mental trip to your favorite place all the while not only are you missing the moment. You are missing the very essence of being present in the now. If we choose to live more passionately and full of purpose, then we can only hope that our yesterday be the past and never to become our future.

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