Pain. The concrete jungle is a place of great pain, excruciating agony. It is a magnet that never attracts the right and always entices the wrong. Sometimes our discomfort comes because of someone’s carelessness while there are others who seek to kill and destroy. They are fights waiting to happen. I wonder why some prey upon the weakness of others but not their strengths. The animal waits to pounce upon his prey patiently and in secret. What an insatiable appetite the beast has to satisfy.

I have been prey. Sweet, tantalizing delicious prey. The vultures smelled my blood and to them the openness of my wounds and the stench of my blood was almost like an aphrodisiac. Yet, in all my experiences I have learned that pain teaches me to be alert. It was never intended to desensitize only to warn. Step back. Reevaluate the situation. Consider, mediate and dissect your thought process. Establish the boundaries. Erect the safety net. Let it be a compass navigating you upon tumultuous waters to shore.

Pain tells us to look deeper within ourselves. It is an indicator that this is the wrong path, wrong place, and wrong time. Do not pass go. Why do we ignore it? Why are we afraid of staring it right in the face? Because it is hard to deal with a tender situation when you are already injured.


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