Closet Skeletons

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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I know when my life is out of order just by looking at my closet. It reveals things about what is going on with me like no other. On the outside, I keep a clean, clutter free desk. From time to time I let a few things stay in the back of my car. Occasionally I will break away from my regularly scheduled routine and treat myself to the forbidden lemon pound cake at Starbucks. As such, none of these things appear to be abnormal; however, if one were to take a look at my closet during distressing times it is a sign that something has gone amuck.

Irritating numb nuts in traffic. Rude and obnoxious tellers at the bank. Co-workers not pulling their slack let alone having to go to the grocery store and they are out of your favorite desert. One thing after another and before I know it, I pull away from life and retreat in a corner. Perhaps what I am really doing is making excuses of not dealing with life. Then there are times when things get so bad, I have to withdraw. I get sick and tired of being sick and tired and just wish that Earth would quit rotating for one moment and put life on pause, but it does not. It keeps on going. While I muster up enough strength to knock the living day lights out of what seems like waves of cosmic forces, my closet becomes more disorganized by the day.

If I do not check myself, you might have to do a closet intervention and rescue me from closet hoarding. Shoes all over the place. Pants dropped on the floor. Blouses barely make it on the hangers and open boxes of papers all over of which I cannot remember what I was looking for in the first place.

My closet is a reflection of what is going on internally. It is not open to the public for my eyes only. Like my delicate items that I guard ever so closely. When I step back and look at my mess, it screams at me “CLEAN IT UP!” It pains me to consider that if my closet is that messy, then what areas of my life are so messy that life is telling me to “CLEAN IT UP!”

Point well taken closet skeletons.

  1. MsZodiac says:

    Thank you for sharing. I too feel like my life is crazy since the finalization on my divorce. It has been out of control. How do I know, I say look at my car. Cluttered! Dirty! Ugh! I’ve made excuses not to go to one place because they always get you to buy more and the other place that was pretty quiet is now closed. So maybe for me it is the fear, that if I clean it up it could be that additional step to help me move on. Could that be the Answer? Could it be that simple? I’ll find out by tomorrow! Ha!

  2. Lemon cake? This professor loves it! Can’t do without it!! Though I usually do…

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