One Storm

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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Have you ever experienced a hail storm, tornado, and earthquake all in the same day? I have not but it seems like the oceanic waves that bombard my life feel like all three cataclysmic events happen simultaneously. Back to back. Heaps of stress, anxiety, and fear of what I think will take place grips my soul until one day I made a conscious choice to stop believing that when negative events snowball in my life that these were individual storms. Now, I think otherwise.

I believe we can only endure one storm at a time. One major things happens and life goes awry with events unfolding as if someone unleashed the dam. It has to be one storm because there is no way with so many things rushing towards me at the speed of light that it is two or three storms. How do I know? Not sure if I know rather I believe for this very reason: at what point in time do I get to recoup and not become destroyed? There must be a pause or else I would be consumed.

One storm brings much collateral damage. We see it in the tornadoes that sweep across certain regions of the U.S. Is there such a thing as a tornado taking place and ruining one house, one street, or one car without touching anything else? Even in the Wizard of Oz it was not so.

Unfortunately our one storm does not land us in a magical place surrounded by little people, accompanied by an adorable dog, talking tigers, animated scare crows and a tin man craving to be human. We are not graced by a good witch, tormented by her evil sister or haunted by the all-knowing twit behind the curtain with an escape plan of clicking those magical ruby red slippers three times chanting there is no place like home. No, instead we are challenged to recover in the face of so called friends who claim to provide us comfort and support.

Instead of the damage left we should focus on light and calm after the storm that reveals the true nature and character of our and associations. We see who the fair weather friends are when the illness is extended. No money to pay bills or shamed to accept assistance from the very persons we despise. It is in this one storm that people witness if we live out what we believe or say what we think we believe. The one storm reveals the hearts and minds of those so called along friends who patted us on the back while we were promoted on the job, married the person of our dreams, or lost weight. The storm hits and all we hear is “dear you must have done something wrong to bring this upon yourself.” “I guess you were not so righteous after all.” “Had you listened to me,” and “I tried to warn you now” becomes the script of our non-scripted reality TV show.

One storm. It is only a snap shot of what took place at one time. It is not the filmstrip of our lives. Only a single event in a series of moments.  Glad to know that when I encounter a storm, it will be only one.


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