Corporate Nemesis

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Rat Race
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Recently, I pulled out my Handbook of Conflict Resolution (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus) because of a few encounters with a unique kind of individual. Conceivably, I must have had an epiphany because I concluded that crazy is everywhere and I might as well learn how to constructively deal with it.

Option 1: volunteer to get them coffee and spit in it prior to giving it to them. Okay, if I do that I will either a) get caught b) reap what I sow c) feel guilty about being an absolute jerk or d) all of the above. That one I pass. Option 2: Activate corporate gangsta mode. Go tit for tat. Belittle. Devour with verbal assaults to prove I am the bigger, better, faster stronger rat in this corporate hustle. No, too much energy in suffering a fool gladly. I will pass. Option 3: Go back and read the book I found last night on power and conflict, take notes and apply. Option 3 it is.

Under the principle of power-conflict dynamics, I discovered we have a preferred strategy in handling conflict. The identity of my self-proclaimed nemesis is the “Chronic Competitive Goober.” This individual likes to obsessively crack the whip to ensure unquestionable obedience from their subordinates. None of this participative management hoopla. Who cares about emotional and social intelligence? Machiavellian all the way baby!

Now here is my dilemma. I am a quiet melancholy choleric when pushed to a limit will transform into the Incredible Hulk. Not like the dreamy Incredible Hulk with a conscience who somehow manages not to smash his former lover. I get like the Avenger’s Incredible Hulk. SMASH! Alas, how do I manage to keep peace in my tee pee while escaping the Chronic Competitive Goober’s delusion of achieving world dominance Monday thru Friday?

The book went on that these high power groups underestimate and never analyze low power holders and with their high level of resistance to any conclusion that does not satisfy their own solution, they ultimately undermine the process. Okay. So…how do I deal with them?

I read that a few times and failed to actually read it. As I continued, the solution was not to impress them with empty flatteries, come in early, leave work late, work through lunch or volunteer to do some of their work. No, the answer was to put the power ball in my court.  Become empowered through increased resources, organization and cohesiveness. Even apply “Jujitsu tactics using the imbalance of power in the relationship against the powerful.” (Deutsch, Coleman & Marcus, p.138)

I do not know about you but I feel better already. I do not have to cower in fear but use the power of networking and personal improvement. What a wonder how knowing the right thing and applying it trumps the negative influences we encounter on any day.


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