Rat Race Vent!

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Rat Race
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Why must you make it so obvious that your work load is light? Are you that clueless that you cannot even for one moment give the appearance that you are busy? Yes, there are times where the work load is not exciting or projects vacillate from easy to difficult but for the love of corporate America I wish you would pull out a roadmap and sit down!

Perhaps it might not be apparent to you sitting next to the VP cube and all that they might be paying attention to you even if you are not on their team? C’mon, people talk even in those big fishbowls and for someone who brags about how excellent and outstanding her skills are you sure do look like a liar.

“I remember when I was a manager we used to run things like this.” “Surely, these kinds of things would not have happened when I was manager.” “It is obvious to me that had I been manager…etc, etc, etc.” Jebus! Cry me a river.

Hurry up 5 o’clock!

  1. Oh man! Frustrating! I’m wishing for you for 5 o’clock!!!

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