The Educated Rat ~ The Real Deal

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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So what has school taught me? School taught me nothing. It was the learning process and professors over time that helped me to identify what information I needed and how to use it. School gave me a place to sit, read and write but it did not teach me about what happens in real time corporate America. For example executives do not have to socially adjust to offensive foot odors, rude cafeteria cashiers, or co-workers who professionally bulldoze one’s space in the name of being friendly. The education I received taught me how to perform gap and root cause analysis, how to solicit buy in from stakeholders and overcome their objections. It never taught me how to appropriately respond when team associates cut their finger nails in public or how to avoid entitled adults who are enraged when their manager tells them it is unacceptable for them to come to work late every day. The information provided taught me how to identify power conflict dynamics, not deal with inconsiderate, immature managers who are clueless about how to do their jobs.

  1. People can be so vexing.

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