Lady Fate

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Rat Race
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There are times when work life becomes a series of events of layoffs, involuntary demotions, or even the promotion of others at your expense. Sometimes, it appears that those who jumped ship before the Titanic sank just happened to do so at the right time. We all experience these scenarios and if your situation is such as the cards of life have dealt you a bad hand the last thing you need is to hear some insensitive prick say things like, “you should have seen that coming,” “get over it,” or “move on to bigger and better things.” Quite frankly that is crass and if someone responds in such manner it is a sure sign you are speaking to a obtuse idiot. Sometimes we do not see the writing on the wall either because we felt entitled to the cheese or we were surviving on what little cheese we had left to feed a household and pay bills. In any case we need to learn how to be tender because as Lady Fate would have it your day is coming.

  1. Lady Fate–I like it!

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