How to Not Manage Employees

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Rat Race
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  1. Never set proper expectations.
  2. Always keep your employees in the dark. That way they fear for their jobs.
  3. Use deflection to embarrass and humiliate into submission.
  4. Talk in circles. It gives your employees the impression that they are not intelligent.
  5. Berate your employees and then reward them for a job well done.
  6. Ask for feedback and then dismiss it so when asked if you received it, you start talking in circles and get amnesia like you never received the email.
  7. Type really loud when on conference calls especially when other people are talking to you.
  8. Employee the Pygmalion Effect. That way when you have no faith in your employees’ ability their co-workers will believe the same.
  9. Light heartedly tell your employee that if they are not happy with their current position you will be happy to assist them in a career change.
  10. Cut them off in mid-sentence or act like your phone is broke when you do not agree. That way they know what they have to say is not important.
  1. YusefWateef says:

    I read your other entries marked Rat Race as well. Have you considered just opting out? The game may be rigged, but o one says we have to play. Your education gives you quite a few opportunities.


  2. This is funny. I think the professor will put it into practice…

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