MYOO (Mind Your Own Opinion)

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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I hate being fake. Period.

It amazes me how people will become chameleons to impress people who practically despise them and the sad part about it is they choose to overlook it like some minor fault. Some have insinuated that my brand of authenticity is a bit brazen and perhaps I need to smile more, laugh a little bit, or make small talk. I am sorry I had no idea you wrote the script of my life: First Book of Lady Cheetah chapter one verse one.

So if anyone comes to you with their laundry list of a better you, just tell them “MYOO.” Should you have need to tell them what that means then tell them to pay themselves $100 dollars for each time they decide to offer someone advice they did not ask for. It will not be long before they go broke.

  1. I love this! MYOO is great. I–my-professorish-self–appreciate people who are authentic.

  2. Authenticity! Sigh. I have always held authenticity and the idea of being real, not “fake,” as a core value, but you’re totally right – lots of people seem to, on the one hand, tell you to “be yourself,” while on the other hand they want to prescribe exactly who they think “yourself” should be…

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