The Codependent Critter

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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Yes. I am having a Dr. Phil and Oprah moment and just recently posted my assessment about an annoying roach on the job on Facebook. Sure I would love to tell him to kick rocks, suck it, hope you pay this much attention to your wife and kids, or take a stroll right off the top of the building but that wouldn’t be professional. If I told him all these things he might misconstrue that as affection or try harder. Alas I will observe him once and again going in circles spewing out hissy fits like an immature three year old pouting, making noises to get my attention and looking over my way as if I am to look up and say, “Hi.” Such a bugger!

  1. 😆 (You always make me laugh!) Well, this is a pickle. Perhaps you should play a prank on him?

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