The American Voice Has Spoken

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Concrete Jungle Life
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My dear fellow  Congressional constituents (smirk!)
It has been brought to my attention that America highly disapproves of this shut down. So much that cockroaches and hemorrhoids have a much higher approval rating as confirmed by talk radio. Therefore, I feel obliged, no compelled to beseech you (more like fuss) that you would hear the American Voice. To you we say,


Now that we the American Voice have your attention, we ask that you quit looking as inefficient as Corporate America. As such, we the American Voice strongly propose the following:

1. Quit pussy-footin’ around. We are sick of your stall tactics.
2. Descend from your thrones.
3. Leave your egos at the door.
4. Mark a day on your calendar to meet (obvious) for serious discussion and not this back and forth shenanigans, preferably on a Friday so everyone is relaxed.
5. Have a dress down day. You may were jeans, your favorite paraphernalia, sneakers, etc. Please come dressed appropriately otherwise we might have to send you home and you will NOT get paid. For those who cannot attend in person, schedule via Tele-presence.
6. Allot four hours to discuss IMPORTANT issues, like balancing the budget for example. Avoid perusing the internet; do not take excessive breaks, and such the like.
7. Make a decision and stick to it. If at all possible, avoid making exaggerated promises that you have no intentions on keeping. Like balancing the budget…

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is on us. Besides we foot the bill anyway.
Good Luck!

  1. We foot the bill anyway–hilarious! 😆

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