Workplace Prayer

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Concrete Jungle Life
Tags: , - Dear Lord. Help me not to stick my foot out to trip my co-worker, push him down the stairs, or run him over in traffic. Amen.

  1. Susan P says:

    It’s that good, is it? Hope you can find something somewhere that is a better fit…and may it be soon. We can’t have you arrested for causing harm to someone who may be the very person who would sue.

  2. Or shoot him with the professor’s BB gun!

    New design is lovely, Lady!

  3. Bethy says:

    I know I have felt like that before! Not at my current job thankfully.

  4. The Dancing Rider says:

    I like the new background/template. As for the options, hmm, each of those options would have been quite tempting in my old job. We had an elevator, providing another option…. lol 😉

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