I Am So Important

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Concrete Jungle Life
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someecards.com - I talk loud on my cell phone because I am starving for attention and need people to like me. It is one way I try to mask my overwhelming schmuck-ness.

  1. Susan P says:

    I miss the days before cell phones. There are just some times that I don’t want to be available to everyone. Sometimes I just want to sit and think…or just sit. If I turn it off, I get berated by callers who think it is their right to interrupt my life and my bounden duty to rise to the occasion. I worked in a school where the directors thought nothing of calling me after 8 pm with a really important communication that could have and should have waited until the morning because generally it was about my faults and then it kept me awake half the night.
    Wow. You really stepped on one of my blisters!

  2. Cell phones are dadblamery! That’s why the professor goes without one. Had to laugh at the cartoon.

  3. Bethy says:

    I dislike cell phones, but it’s the only phone at my house so I have to have one. I do forget about mine for hours at a time and ignore it as much as possible!

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