Corporate Hood Boundaries Busters

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Concrete Jungle Life
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As I gallivant up and down the rugged pathways in the concrete jungle, I have sensed a heightened awareness of pushback from individuals (Lady Cheetah included) who are sick and tired of dealing with children packaged in adult bodies. Perhaps it is because social media has desensitized us to the extent we cast off restraint reinforcing an ego-centric lifestyle where everybody should bow down at the altar of ME.

It is emotionally draining to bear the existence of these corporate leeches who seem resistant, dare I say, blind to social cues. From a quick glance they look like enemies; however, they are nothing but ATTENTION WHORES who will at any cost and by any means necessary try to gain your attention. Passive aggressives who are so arrogant and self-absorbed it almost looks pornographic. They are boundary violators who lack self-awareness and operate on auto pilot.

These attention junkies are not confined to the Corporate Hood. They are everywhere in the concrete jungle, but for the sake of this post I will define at least 10 CHBBs (Corporate Hood Boundary Busters). They:

1. Chit chat at your desk longer than an allotted 15 minute unpaid break.
2. Enter into a conversation uninvited.
3. Will interrupt your work especially when they see you are occupied.
4. Leave their unfinished work for you to finish. This is a boundary buster and a managerial cop-out because the slacker never finishes his/her work and the manager fails to address the ongoing issue in hopes of ignoring it that it will stop and/or take care of itself.
5. Hold unspoken expectations and presume upon you to conform to them and get angry when you don’t.
6. Will become overly dramatic around you by pouting, walking around angry, sulking, feigning sickness, or will start gossiping about you to their ONE friend.
7. Persist in inviting you to lunch after many subsequent declines. They imagine their working relationships are more exciting than they really are and look for ways to bring this delusion to pass.
8. Ask you for personal items, i.e. borrow a shirt for an interview.
9. Ask you to pay for their lunch using your credit card.
10. Will use your name as a means to get what they want. Classic manipulators.

What is the solution? Ignore. Contain. Do not confront. See through them like you would see through glass and do not acknowledge any of their vices. If you are on the same team with them at work, contain YOURSELF and avoid any irrelevant and unnecessary conversation. Lastly, the worst thing you can do is confront them because any kind of attention negative or positive is what they crave. Remember, what they are doing in the present they have done in the past. If they haven’t changed then, they will not change now.

  1. Susan P says:

    They have always been around, and not only in the corporate sphere. One of my pet peeves happens on the phone and in person when I say, “I have to go – I have work to do,” and they interpret that “as soon as I am done unloading on you I will let you get back to your work because what I have to say is more important than what you have to do.” So, you sit and listen, or you are accused of being rude (at the very least). Of course, there IS a time to listen out of season, but that is the exception.

    • ladycheetah7 says:

      Heck to the naw! A quick and easy solution is the dial tone. Lol. And in person I have either given the uncomfortable silent treatment or resumed working as they sit in amazement and shock that I would be so bold. It is one thing to be graciously polite but when the offender presumes him/herself as if you enjoy their company I feel no guilt in being rude.

  2. Nice! 3 and 10 get me the most.

  3. The Dancing Rider says:

    3, 5, 7 and 10. Yes. Those are so familiar. In fact, I experienced some of these even in a non-work environment (but within a specific group, such a skaters). Hysterical.
    Love that you’ve given the silent treatment. People are so self-important, they can never figure out that they aren’t all that sometimes!

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