Good Murnin’ Monday WP!

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Rat Race
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Do not let anyone lead you astray. We must have a dress code for the workplace. Otherwise, we have people coming to work making such ridiculous and inflammatory statements: - Of course this is appropriate for the workplace! Have you seen what everybody else is wearing????

Notwithstanding, those of us who have been “enlightened” should avoid passing judgment. We must be kind, gentle, patient, and tactfully instruct the wayward unto a path of corporate righteousness. - Not looking like a tramp is easy: First, put on some clothes. Then fire the deranged circus clown who does your makeup.

Finally, if all your efforts and pleas have fallen on deaf ears, remember, the next time: - I won't tell you that what you are wearing is inappropriate for the workplace, I'll just amend the employee manual.

  1. *laughing* Is it really bad?

  2. Susan P says:

    I hear that. Liked #2. On the other hand there are people who have degrees of appropriate that they can’t really define well like casual dressy. What does that even mean?

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