Corporate Hood Tips

Posted: May 5, 2014 in Pure Frivolity
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If you have been selected to corrupt train the new victim employee, wait for at least three months before divulging office secrets. - Hey, new guy! Have a seat. Most people start their work day with a cup of coffee; I usually start my day with a cup of vodka.

As true as it may be, never allow this Freudian slip to happen. - Please explain how we hired a prize clown like you?

When that one work-a-holic refuses to go home asks the burning question that seemingly needs your immediate attention, kindly interrupt them and say:

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    My favorite is the “how can I help you tomorrow”. Your intro words — so fun, and so true.

    • ladycheetah7 says:

      I can’t tell you how I struggled to introduce the last one which is my favorite. It was almost a book until I thought no one has time to read a prologue for an e-card…lol

  2. The second one…I wish I could ask that all the time.

  3. Bethy says:

    I like the last one the bestest! My boss/coworker is always asking if she can do anything for me before she leaves and even if she can I ALWAYS feel guilty about saying anything. Of course my other boss never asks–she just disappears and I ALWAYS have something I need from her …so I have to end up hunting her down or waiting till the next day and hope it’s a better day!

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