Three Ways to Cope in the Corporate Hood

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Rat Race
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Work hard play hard. Isn’t that what they always say? Well, sometimes working hard and playing hard seems to yield fruitless results, unappreciated overtime, and constant reinforcement of a miserable existence. The paycheck doesn’t look sexy anymore, the atta boys and atta girls begin to sound condescending and you are close to telling your boss to as a wise co-worker once said, “go play in traffic.” Worry no more my weary Corporate Hood muchacho/a, there is hope. Take those lemons and make lemon meringue pie. Here are three ways you can ease the pain of the hustle and grind of the rat race.

1. Start an Online Business.

If like most Corporate Hood employees you find yourself surfing the internet more frequently then you might consider converting that to a side hustle and learn how to build an Android App or create an online internet dating website for employees at your job.

2. Take some Me time before work.

Warning: Doing the following things 15 minutes before clocking in might cause lateness syndrome. Check your Facebook posts, play Candy Crush and or Pet Saga. Go to Starbucks again, check your emails, call your friend who is already at work and then one minute before you should have already been at your desk, rush out of the parking lot as if your life depended on it. By the time you get to your desk, you will give the illusion that you really care to be at work.

3. Project Management Avoidance.

Unless you care about the bigger picture and want to be on #TEAMWINNER this isn’t for you. Now, for the rest of us, here is the plan. Most likely you are either working from an Excel spreadsheet or a proprietary database where all the information is housed. Sometime during the work day just unplug the computer and tell NO ONE what happened. If your B-O-S-S is in another state even better. When he/she calls in for a status let them know there were computer issues and you have called IT to look into it. Immediately after lunch just plug the computer back in and resume business as usual.

It’s your gurl Lady Cheetah and I am out.

  1. Susan P says:

    You’ve only scratched the surface! 😀

  2. The third one is such an idea. I must try. I’m sure it could be gotten away with!

  3. The Lite Rider says:

    Ha, ha HA! All of the above. Coffee in the keyboard, too. 🙂

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