Training in Corporate America Sucks

Posted: November 11, 2014 in Rat Race
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One of the things I have observed as an upward trend in Corporate America is a lack of training. Most major organizations cut corners in the name of technology and will hand the unsuspecting victim employee a manual and tell them to sit in an empty cubicle for almost eight hours a day with no access to a computer. Or, if they are less bureaucratic efficient, he/she can access online training with either no facilitator or one facilitator who is tasked to train 200 other employees across three regions in different time zones. By the end of the session, the student has to pass with an 80% or above using two hours worth of information of which 90% of it was not covered in class. And let us not forget if there is shadow training, the little lamb team member might be trained by three different people who do one job in three if not more different ways.

Gone are the days when training meant face to face interaction with a real live human being who actually knew their job.

It is disheartening to say that one of the reasons for a lack of excellence in Corporate America is because people have the “I am just doing what I was told” syndrome. Ah, yes! The good ole ethical dilemma. No in depth understanding. No sound reasoning or logic. Just  do what I am told.  Visual learning minus the acquisition of knowledge. Brainless. Mindless and numbing cubicle work.

In part I blame this corporate slothfulness on those who have the ability to incorporate good training curricula for adult learners. There is a need to create good, job specific lesson plans that are designed to optimize departmental efficiency. At the same time, the person who is paid to do a job is responsible to extract as much of the right knowledge so they can to do their job with excellence.

If you have experienced poor customer service, most likely it is tied to poor training. Or someone too lazy to screen during the interview process.

My name is Lady Cheetah and I approve this message.



  1. Susan P says:

    It’s pretty much everywhere. And yet it seems like companies would rather have ten incompetent people in the mix than three or four good workers.

  2. I know. Training stinks. What’s to be done?

  3. The Lite Rider says:

    It’s kind of like the “religion is the opium of the masses”? 10 who will do what they are told blindly help to perpetuate the status quo — the goal of most any organization — so the those in power can stay there!

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