A prime candidate for “What Not to Wear”

It’s hard for us singles out here. We make the best out of a bad situation

What you really want to say to your co-worker during those really cheap gift exchanges

  1. Susan P says:

    My mother used to get the weirdest clothes for me and it extended right into high school. Her philosophy was that if she was paying for my clothes, she would choose them. You should have seen the pile of clothing I left behind when I got married and moved to Portugal. The strangest was a faux fur ORANGE overcoat.

    • A faux fur orange coat. Oh I am so sorry. Surprised you didn’t have a bonfire before you left.

      • Susan P says:

        She insisted that she would put it in the attic so I would have a warm coat when we visited in the States. *faint* That happened, you know, and I took it to Good Will and left it there.

      • Wow! You truly are a good daughter. I would have told the truth about how I ended up being damaged goods because of it. 😛

      • Susan P says:

        That probably would have been construed as being disrespectful. My mama, bless her heart, never let go of the apron strings, she was easily offended and it wasn’t worth the grief it would earn me. My parents were “dry drunks.” The behavior was the same as an alcoholic but without the booze.

  2. Christmas Sweaters are ugly anyway, I think.

  3. The Lite Rider says:

    Well you have heard that the latest trend amongst “hipsters” is to wear the ugliest Christmas sweaters possible, right? It was on the news Monday……..

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