Rat Race

The place where real rat wisdom is greatly appreciated!

  1. rjjainrahul97 says:

    i am really sorry, but i have to ask this. why did you pick your title as Ladycheetah7 (i know its not my business, but i am having a hard time trying not to imagine a cheetah wearing a tie and typing while drinking coffee)

    • ladycheetah7 says:

      Also instead of using my real face I like using the cheetah which plays in line with the concrete jungle.

      • rjjainrahul97 says:

        so, what does is this university for (or in other words, what is rat wisdom?)

      • ladycheetah7 says:

        Have you read “Who Moved My Cheese?” It is a story about not settling for entitlement and exploring other options using mice as the characters instead of real people. On my blog the term “rat race” implies all those who are in the workforce and maybe disgruntled about their place of employment. University is a place where I pull from my collegiate experiences and knowledge and apply it to the work force.

      • rjjainrahul97 says:

        since i am a student, this is my take on things –

      • ladycheetah7 says:

        Your writings are very philosophical and idealistic with many good observations.I do find your suggestions concerning educational frameworks very intriguing. I think and have always believed that theory and practice should be merged especially with young children. In particular if you want to raise socially responsible citizens regardless of the country.

      • rjjainrahul97 says:

        and if i may ask, what is your take on your corporation?

      • ladycheetah7 says:

        Good question. In my opinion it is like every other major corporation: beauracratic with major red tape, ladden with duplicate efforts In part to a lack of systemic thinking, and responds to the cyclical economic uprising and downturns of the market.

      • rjjainrahul97 says:

        mind explaining the duplicate efforts point? because the general consensus is that people are lazy, which contradicts the double work(duplicate work) thesis, i think.

      • ladycheetah7 says:

        Well, I think when people don’t view their systems in whole but rather in parts, fail to communicate and work together, duplicate efforts arise. Also, companies that merge will also inherit departments that do the same work.
        Lazy? Agreed. In addition, self preserving which only reinforces duplicate work. Bottom line being if the person can continue making a paycheck with the hopes of the system never being corrected, then they will continue diing things as they always have done.

      • rjjainrahul97 says:

        yes, that makes sense. the merging shown in the tv show ‘suits’ is an excellent example of it. it is actually interesting to think how much can be achieved if everyone is allowed to do whatever they want, but it is mandatory to do something. but then again there is a quote which goes something like this- give the world freedom and they will copy others

  2. ladycheetah7 says:

    Well, that’s because this cheetah wears heels, skirts, earrings, and the occasional slacks to work.

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